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Solution: NPE VFS.getChild()  snowdrop 2.0.0 M1 jboss 6

erik romson Newbie

For anyone else:


I got a NullpoingterException in at VFS.getChild() when starting JBoss (sadly lost the stacktrace)


This was due to that I was importing spring resources from a folder that didn't exist (using a wildcard as in folder/*.xml)


In org.jboss.spring.vfs.VFSResourcePatternResolvingHelper#locateResources


        if (!oneMatchingRootOnly)


            while (urls.hasMoreElements())

                resources.addAll(getVFSResources(urls.nextElement(), subPattern, pathMatcher));

        } else


            resources.addAll(getVFSResources(classLoader.getResource(rootDirPath), subPattern, pathMatcher));


        return resources.toArray(new Resource[resources.size()]);



This getVFSResources(urls.nextElement(), subPattern, pathMatcher) returned null which later through the exception when accessing the URL