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    RF4. Obtaining URL parameters

    Dmitriy Sukharev Newbie

      Let's say I have a page which should contain different data-grid in accordance with the parameter of URL (e.g. /activities.xhtml?type=today). Each item of the list should have the link to somewhere, and this 'somewhere' should know the value of that URL parameter.


      There is a controller to decide which list to show. This controller is stored in request scope [and I think it should be so]. As far as I understand there is no way to transmit url parameter through the link inside data-grid item while transfered data is stored in request scope. So I made special bean in session scope to store url parameter.


      Unfortunately I could not make it works properly. The bean in session scope often stores old value of url-value instead of new one.

      If you're lucky and my computer is up you can see it here


      Just navigate using menu. 'Type' parameter will not be always synchronised with the content of page.


      My question is why does it work in such a weird way and how to make it works properly?


      I attaches sources of sample project which does nothing but show this problem.