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    Can't connect to https webservices from my deployed .war. Please help!!!

    Matt Steedle Newbie

      I am trying to deploy my app using jboss as 7 with jdk6.  My app connects to different webservices using soap messages, however I cannot connect to webservices with an https address while my app is deployed. It only allows me to connect to http addresses.  However, if I run/test the code in Eclipse or from somewhere else I can access both http and https webservises.  Any ideas what configuration changes need to be done to fix this so i can access https webservise on my deployed app?



      Here is a description of my problem from another forum:


      I can access https://localhost:8443/my.jsp but that my.jsp connects to another webservice with an https address such as https://www.paypalobjects.com/wsdl/PayPalSvc.wsdl using soap but gets a socket closed error. I can connect to http addresses such as http://www.weather.gov/forecasts/xml/DWMLgen/wsdl/ndfdXML.wsdl but just not https ones.  What do I need to do to allow this.  Ultimately I want to be able to do this using http:// for my app rather than https:// since I dont want my entire app having to go through security stuff.  I just want to be able to connect to secure webservices. 



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