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    No ActiveMQ admin console in JBoss

    Michael Tarullo Newbie

      We are using JBoss 6 with ActiveMQ 5.4.2.  We have integrated this version of ActiveMQ with JBoss and JBoss is starting the message broker fine.


      We will be using the message broker for pub\sub.  We have not tried neither our publisher or subscriber code yet.


      What we immediatly noticed is that the ActiveMQ admin console that is available for managing the message broker when the broker is started standalone, does not appear to be working when using AvtiveMQ from JBoss.


      Typically one connects to the admin console with http://<server>:8161/admin.  When AvtiveMQ is up and running in JBoss this URL does not provide access to the admin console.


      Can someone expain/help?


      Thank you.