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    How to run gwt console in host mode with JBOSS AS/JBPM ?

    tomcheng76 Newbie

      Hi, i am running jbpm 5.1 and i want to check/test the jbpm console code


      so i downloaded gwt console 2.1 from here




      depoly mode is okay, if i replace the war in the AS, it works.


      However, i am not so sure how to run the console in hosted mode so that quick development could be done.


      If i run mvn gwt:run, jetty shows up.


      then i visit

      It is just keeping "Loading workspace..." and never finish..



      I checked the readme, it said

      "The server module needs to be deployed on a running jboss instance,

      along with a process engine that provides an implementation of the integration layer."


      so i tried noServer option and point the port to the jboss as port, but it is not working too....


      Does anyone know how to run the console in hosted mode with JBoss AS that is installed by JBPM ?


      Detailed pom.xml is greatly helped...


      Idea and suggestion is welcomed..


      Thanks in advance