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    Primefaces and richfaces features merged


      I like very much some possibilities probided by richfaces like client validation, the ajax framework and the cdk, and I like very much the variety of components from primefaces and easyness to work on themes.


      So I'm thinking to start a task with epic proportions, to merge both worlds, I know there're already conflicts in just using both libs on the same page and I didn't take a look yet on the richfaces's code to see if it'd be possible, but Unless I have some discouraging arguments from richfaces hackers, I'm goint to try to use richfaces as a framework and primefaces as the visual component library. and use things like:


      * clientValidation on primefaces inputs

      * ajax framework in form with primefaces inputs

      * use cdk to create components extended from primefaces and themeroller based.

      * try to apply something like the javascript api for some primefaces components.



      Again, I don't know if it'd be possible, they're just ideas, What I know is that it'd be at least very hard to accomplish, and I'd like to receive some feedback from users and devs about it.


      Best regards

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          Why not just use the RichFaces CDK to wrap jQuery UI directly?  Would make a neat project, and flex the muscle of the RichFaces CDK for sure!

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            If we could use CDK to wrap jQueryUI and use themeroller on richfaces components that'd be a great step toward a happy end! cause we could use rich and prime faces in the same page without losing visual consistency, and I'd not need to use prime inputText for example, and then I could let primefaces handle just the non-core components.

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              Hey guys,


              Some time a while ago I tried client validation system within a primefaces:inputText. It worked perfectly!


              However the CVS don't work with primefaces:password component. That happens because the inputSecret is inside of a span tag (as a container).

              and the p:password id will be the id of the span, not of the input. the input id would be something like ID_input (where ID is the value passed to id="" of the p:password).


              I posted that on primefaces forums as primefaces issue, but they convinced me that it would be better to change richfaces. So we could make rf search by an input inside the component, not relaying only at the id, as it is today.


              you can take a peek at my prime forum post in: http://forum.primefaces.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=15150


              what do you think?

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                Sounds like a reasonable approach.  Care to file a jira issue for this?