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    The conversion from int to TIMESTAMP is unsupported

    Mathangi Pichai Newbie



      I get the following error when I execute a query against a vdb-


      Error Code:0 Message:Remote org.teiid.core.TeiidProcessingException: Error Code:0 Message:Error Code:0 Message:Unexpected exception while translating results: The conversion from int to TIMESTAMP is unsupported.


      This is the query i am trying to execute-



        concat2(concat2(concat2(CONCAT2('7', '-'), 'DSTR'), '-'), INTERNAL_ID) AS OBJECTuid, convert(INTERNAL_ID, string) AS ObjectId, APPL_SYS_NAME AS ObjectName, 'DSTR' AS ObjectType, convert(null,timestamp) AS CreatedDate, '' AS CreatedBy, convert(null,timestamp)  AS LastUpdatedDate, MAINTAINED_BY AS LastUpdatedBy, 7 AS RepositoryId, '' AS Path


        SQLMappingNew.Metaverse.dbo.E_APLSYS AS AP


      Previuosly I had the columns CreatedDate and lastUpdatedDate mapped to null, so I was assuming that that could be the issue. So, I used convert function to change null into timestamp datatype since in my view CreatedDate and lastUpdatedDate are of datatype timestamp.


      But even then i see this error. I know this is an SQL server error, but atleast after using convert I should not be getting this error? Is there any default cache setting that is enabled in Teiid or any idea of why i would get this error?