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    EJB Endpoint in a WAR in JBossAS 7?

    Robert Baty Newbie

      Wondering if anyone has tried to create a EJB3-based endpoint in a WAR with Java EE 6.0 on JBossAS 7.0.0.Final?  I had some EJB3 endpoints in a standalone Jar module and I've been playing around with moving them into a WAR.  For some reason the CXF runtime doesn't seem to read them from my jboss-cxf.xml file and manage them when they are in a WAR.


      I am wondering if the


              <bean class='org.jboss.wsf.stack.cxf.InvokerEJB3'/>


      configuration in the jboss-cxf.xml file won't work when running in a WAR maybe?