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    problem in executing VDB

    akhil gupta Newbie

      Hi all,

      Recently I have been successful in deploying a VDB.But while executing it I get an error  when i query the vdb in sql scrapbook i.e.


      Error Code:0 Message:Remote org.teiid.core.TeiidProcessingException: Error Code:0 Message:Error Code:0 Message:Unable to get managed connection for Sit; - nested throwable: (javax.resource.ResourceException: Unable to get managed connection for Sit)


      Sit is my data source model.


      I am also unable to preview the tables when i click on the "running man" icon. I get the following warning


      15:34:56,289 WARN  [SECURITY] Processing exception 'VDB "PREVIEW_b8eddd5a-96b4-47ae-ad99-788b91fba209_one_project" version "latest" does not exist.' for session null.  Exception type org.teiid.client.security.LogonException thrown from org.teiid.services.SessionServiceImpl.getActiveVDB(SessionServiceImpl.java:231).


      Once again,Please HELP

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          akhil gupta Newbie

          I am also facing the following error at times


          "Your VDB was Deployed but is Inactive

          Datasource Sit not accessible"


          in the log I get

          the specified session ID "null" is invalid. It cannot be found in the userbase.

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            calebwc Newbie

            Hi Akhil,

                Have you attempted to remap the Sit datasource and test that the connection is working with the given username and password?  Has anything changed on the database side (enabling SSL, etc...?)  At times I've gotten this error and the only way I was able to resolve it was to remove all of the VDB (deployed and temporary "PREVIEW" VDBs) and datasources from our JBoss deploy folder and then redeploy them.

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              akhil gupta Newbie

              Hey Calebwc,

              thanks a lot for the reply.Actually I was getting this error as I was trying to create the datasource directly from the instance.I tried doing it from the model and it succeded !! Hit and try rocks

              but I am still wondering what to do with the first problem that I posted.

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                Ramesh Reddy Master

                Did you create the "Sit" model manually or did you do a "JDBC Import". It is a relational model right?


                If you used jdbc import, then it should have created the data source automatically from the userid/password provided during the import. If you created manually, then you can right click on the model, Modeling -> create data source.



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                  akhil gupta Newbie

                  Hi Ramesh,

                  I made "Sit " by Importing Metadata from JDBC database.Then I created a datasource by modeling --> create Datasource feature, as mentioned by you.

                  When I deploy the VDB it successfully gets deployed but when I hit a sql in the scrapbook,I get the model connection not available error.

                  I just noticed that I have teiid 7.4.0 final client jar in the lib,though I am using(actually have to  use) teiid 7.1

                  Can this be a reason ?

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                    Ramesh Reddy Master

                    Teiid does support backwards compatible for the client driver, however it is recommended to use the drivers from same versions. Just make sure that when you deploy a VDB you have all the needed data sources created for the VDB for it to function correctly.



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                      Mathangi Pichai Newbie



                      I faced a similar issue and the reason was that I had not placed the jar used to import datasource under /server/default/lib directory. Once I placed the jar and restatred the jboss server, this issue was gone.




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                        akhil gupta Newbie

                        Hi Ramesh,

                        Actually my server configuration was distorted somehow.

                        I mapped it once again with teiid runnable and that was an easy trick.

                        and the error that I was facing in execution went away the moment I placed the connection jar(JTDS) in lib folder of server's default profile.[courtsey mathangi]

                        some sigh of relief now,finally executed my first VDB.