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    Using Maven Central by default


      Pushing Maven artifacts to Maven Central is really easy. Any one-man project can do it, thanks to Sonatype OSS or java.net.


      So why do most JBoss projects not get pushed to Maven Central by default?


      This makes Maven users' lives harder by forcing them to maintain settings.xml or setting up their own repository manager.


      Moreover, playing by the house rules, artifacts hosted on Maven Central are not allowed to reference third-party repositories, in order to keep Maven Central self-contained.


      Thus, for example, if I work on an open source project which is to be distributed via Maven Central and which requires a JPA 2.0 provider, I cannot use HIbernate, because HIbernate stopped publishing their artifacts to Maven Central, so I'll have to use OpenJPA or DataNuclues instead (Eclipselink is not on Maven Central either).


      Maven settings.xml with more than two or three entries are rather a pain. Moreover, JBoss Nexus is rather slow to respond, so build times tend to increase significantly when you include this repository in your POM.


      In short, please (re)start pushing all JBoss community release artifacts to Maven Central.


      Best regards,