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    HowTo always trying to reconnect a topic..Plz Help

    joatack Newbie

      Hi everybody,


      I really need help about the reconnection when a remote topic is unaccessible.


      There are 2 environments :

      - Server Topic side : configured with a topic based on a JBoss 4 server


      - Client Topic side : based on JBoss 5.1 server updated with hornetQ (before it used jboss messaging).


      If the client side lost the connection with the server side, it should always try to reconnect the topic. Actually, I simulated the deconnection by disabling the windows "local connexion area" and I could see, within the logs, that the client side try to reconnect some times but stop after few times. I had to reboot the Jboss of the client side...


      Parts used in attached configuration files :

      - jms-ds.xml : mbean with ProviderName : QueuehostJMSProvider (come from the old configuration with jboss messaging)

      - hornetq-jms.xml : factories with retry connection properties

      - ra.xml : some reconnect configs


      I certainly didn't assimilate all configurations but the fact is that my client side could receive messages from the topic but if the topic is off more than 2 minutes, I had to reboot my JBoss from the client side.


      Please help me, I already spent 3 days on that....my boss will kill me


      thx in advance,