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    Unable to receive messages with paging enabled

    Chad Schellenger Newbie

      Here's what happens:


      JMX reports that a given queue has messages in it, but attempts to call

      consumer.receive return no messages. When the failure condition begins,

      calling consumer.receive may return a few messages, but less than it should.

      This behavior occurs regardless of whether we include a timeout on

      consumer.receive. My test class tends to reproduce this problem with a clean

      data directory in under 5 minutes. Once the problem has been produced, it

      tends to happen faster on subsequent runs. After re-running the test a couple

      of times, I encountered the startup error described in the text file



      I am not enough of an expert in HornetQ to determine where the root cause of

      the problem is, or even if I am abusing HornetQ in some way that could be

      easily remedied to work around this issue. I have extracted an integration test

      from my larger spring based project into the jms/transactional example that

      is packaged as part of the base distribution.

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