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    How to save the values into session

    Satya K Newbie

      Hi All,


      I am implementing a screen in which user can select a list of values and on double click of the item, the related values are loaded into another rich:panelBar.


      What I am able to do now is on selection of the list item, I can load the panelBar with additional data of selected item.


      What further I want to implement is : User changes the data in panelBar and then selects another item from list, then additional data of that item are loaded. Then user comes back to the previous selected item in list, the edited data should be loaded into the screen (not the initial values or originalvalues)




      Explanation as in attached image :

           1. User selects 3rd item and edits "DateCreated" to say... "Oct 16, 2011"

           2. Then selects 2nd or 1st item and edits some fields.

           3. Goes back to 3rd item, then "DateCreated" should display "Oct 16, 2011" but NOT "Sep 5, 2011"


      I tried to include both list and panelBar in same form and submit, so that data gets updated to the model, but its not happening.


      The model object is as below :


           Class A {

                List<Parts> parts; //This data is displayed in rich:panelBar

                List<Equipments> equipments;//This data is displayed in rich:panelBar

                List<Sequences> sequences;//This data is displayed in rich:panelBar



      List<A> are displaed in listItem panel for user selection


      Is there any other alternative for doing this?