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    Question about JBossTransactionManagerLookup

    guinotphil Apprentice



      The JBoss 7 documentation say that in persistence.xml we should no longer use the following properties:


      <property name="transaction.manager_lookup_class">org.hibernate.transaction.JBossTransactionManagerLookup</property>



      I guess JBoss comes with mechanisms that will automatically use the TransactionManager that has the JNDI name java:jboss/TransactionManager


      The use of JBossTransactionManagerLookup would be actually a problem as it tells to use the JNDI name java:TransactionManager.



      However, I have an application which use jBPM that require a hibernate.cfg.xml file (and not a persitence.xml) to create a SessionFactory. In the hibernate.xfg.xml file I had to disable the transaction.manager_lookup_class property as well because it couldn't find the TransactionManager on the JN DI instead...

      But, without a lookup class, will hibernate be able to find the transaction manager ? As the SessionFactory does not seem to be managed by any AS mechanism, I guess no. So, do I have to implement a JBoss7TransactionManagerLookup class to tell hibernate to look-up to java:jboss/TransactionManager on JNDI ?


      Thank you for your help