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    Message Filtering using core APIs

    Kshitiz Garg Newbie



      I want to create a filter expression to create a consumer who is interested in a string property 'filter'.


      Creating queue:


      hornetQManager.createQueue("topicName", "queueName");


      Creating consumer:


      ClientConsumer messageConsumer = hornetQManager.getClientSession().createConsumer(hornetQManager.getSimpleString("queueName"),hornetQManager.getSimpleString("filter LIKE 'message%'"));


      Publishing message:


      ClientMessage clientMessage = hornetQManager.createClientMessage(message);

      clientMessage.putStringProperty("filter", message.getKey());

      hornetQManager.sendMessageToAddress("topicName", clientMessage);



      Sent message->


      message1, message3


      But my MessageHandler is just getting message3.


      Am I doing something incorrect here? Is there any tutorial/example for it using core API?



      Kshitiz Garg