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    Ivy dependency problem with Infinispan 5.x

    Dmitry S Newbie

      Hi guys,


      I'm trying to pull infinispan-core 5.0.1.Final(also tried 5.1.0.Beta1) with Ivy 2.1.0. On WIndows/Eclipse environment it works only when I specify in my ivysettings.xml:


      <property name="packaging" value="jar"/>


      If that line is omitted there's an error in Eclipse as follows:


      Some projects fail to be resolved

      Impossible to resolve dependencies of xyz#;357

      download failed: org.infinispan#infinispan-core;5.1.0.BETA1!infinispan-core.${packaging}


      However, on Linux/Ant 1.7 this fails even when there's a property value defined for packaging in my ivysettings.xml. I have been jumping through hoops, but cannot get my build to pull infinispan-core on the Linux build box. Any help would be much appreciated.