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    Limit and Offset not passed into the translator

    Rakesh Balguri Expert

      Hi all,


      I have the following SQL Query which contains Limit in it. But the Limit and Offset values are not passed into the translator.


      SELECT * FROM "DBMzDB2.IDB2_DSQDSETS_Rbase_Vbase" as CHORUS_B  WHERE (CHORUS_B."NUMBER-EXTENTS" = '1' AND CHORUS_B."dsSSID" = 'DF1G' AND CHORUS_B."dsSystem" = 'CA11' AND CHORUS_B."dsGroup" = 'DFG' AND CHORUS_B."dsConf" = 'DEFAULT')   LIMIT 100, 100


      I am using Teiid 7.3.

      My translator only supports supportsRowLimit() and supportsRowOffset()


      Also if I add the supportsCompareCriteriaEquals() then the Limit and Offset is passed to the translator. But I do not want my translator to support the Equal criteria and want teiid to do the filtering.


      Please let me know how to solve this problem.