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Where is 'jvmRoute' attribute in JBoss 7?

Joseph Hwang Novice

I try to integrate Apache web servicer to jboss 7 on centos 5.7. I typed mod_jk connector in standalone.xml like below,


<connector name="ajp13" protocol="AJP/1.3" socket-binding="ajp"/>


<socket-binding name="ajp" port="8009">



and set .conf file and .properties files in web server.

But i don't know how to integrate apache web server and jboss as 7 with 'jvmRoute' attribute.

If jboss 7 does not use 'jvmRoute' attribute to connect web server, how does jboss 7 define

web server in its configuration ?


I need your advice! Thanks in advance.


Best Regards!