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    how to integrate apache web server and jboss 7

    Joseph Hwang Novice

      I'm trying to integrate apache web server to jboss 7.0.1.Final.


      First, I made mod_jk.conf , uriworkermap.properties and workers.properties files in <APACHE_HOME>/conf folder. File contents are like below,


      mod_jk.conf :


      LoadModule jk_module modules/mod_jk.so

      JkWorkersFile conf/workers.properties

      JKLogFile logs/mod_jk.log

      JkLogLevel debug

      JkLogStampFormat "[%a %b %d %H:%M:%S %Y]"

      JkOptions +ForwardKeySize +ForwardURICompatUnparsed -ForwardDirectories

      JkRequestLogFormat "%w %V %T"

      JkMountFile conf/uriworkermap.properties

      JkShmFile run/jk.shm


      uriworkermap.properties :





      workers.properties :






      And I dowloaded tomcat connector mod_jk.so from apache homepage to <APACHE_HOME>/modules folder.

      Also I inserted a line in <APACHE_HOME>/conf/httpd.conf file like this


      Include conf/mod_jk.conf



      In Jboss 7 I typed a few lines in standalone.xml like below





         <property name="jvmRoute" value="node1"/>

         <property name="UseJK" value="true"/>



      <connector name="ajp13" protocol="AJP/1.3" socket-binding="ajp"/>


      <socket-binding name="ajp" port="8009">



      Apache web server and JBoss 7 throw no exception during the execution.But integration is failed.

      I have no idea what is wrong in this configuration. Pls, kindly inform me of your advice. Thanks in advanced.


      Best Regards!

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