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    Oryx designer and Guvnor - changed bpmn 2 diagrams are not saved.  Only the first version.

    Lillian Andres Newbie


           I am unsure if my configuration is correct.  I am running on App server 7 - lightning (actually with Switchyard).  I have the guvnor version 5.3.0.cr1 and the oryx designer  When I create a new BPMN 2 diagram, I must enter the id and the package name in order to save the diagram.  Otherwise it opens up blank even after a SAVE.

            However, if I do fill in the id and package name under Properties -> More Properties, the original file is saved.  On returning and updating the diagram, I save again.  I see a new version under the meta data - but when I open it - my changes are lost.  I see the first file I changed - even if this is version 2.

           What do I need to do in order to save my changes?  It is rare to get it right the first time!

           Thank you for your help.