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    Improve documentation for more usefullness?

    Tom Giberius Newbie

      I really appreciate the Rich Faces library.


      I think that people can use it better if the documentation will be improved:

      * Describe all the attributes of the tags.

      * Give more extensive descriptions and examples in the component reference.

      * There are now components not mentioned in the component reference

      * Give more examples and more in depth examples on the demo site.



      1) a lot of attributes of tags are not described, of course you can guess a lot of them right but I am sure that I am missing usefull tags.

      2) The learned to use the data attribute to pass a value to Java Script but this was not clearly described some where. I feel that if those items are better documented that I could use the library much better. The date attribute is also an example that is not documented.

      tag componentControl



      Tag Information
      Handler Idorg.richfaces.behavior.ComponentControlBehavior
      Handler Classorg.richfaces.taglib.ComponentControlHandler



      eventfalsejava.lang.StringNo Description
      onbeforeoperationfalsejava.lang.StringNo Description
      operationfalsejava.lang.StringNo Description
      selectorfalsejava.lang.StringNo Description
      targetfalsejava.lang.StringNo Description