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    How to overwrite the existing portal object


      Hi All,


      I have a web application successfully deployed in GateIn 3.1.

      I did it by creating Portal, Page and Portlets using the GateIn UI.

      Now , I could make it work by configuring xml files(portal.xml, navigation.xml, pages.xml).Also, i have switched the database to Oracle.

      Everything is successful except one thing.After adding a new portlet in these xml files, it is not getting reflected after deployment.I have to drop the user(the user connected to database) and recreate it everytime i make any changes in the xml files.Is there any way in Gatein to overwrite the existing portal object so that i don't want to drop and recreate the user.

      Before upgarding to GateIn, I have been using jboss-portal 2.7.1 and there was a tag in *-object.xml and portlet-instances.xml  to support this feature.

      <if-exists>overwrite</if-exists>.Is there anything like this in GateIn?

      Plzzz help...

      I am really stuck with this problem..

      Thanks in advance...