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    How to create a subtopic

    Hauke Gulich Newbie

      Hello everyone,


      I am trying to implement a simple push application with richfaces 4 and jboss 7.

      I read some tutorials and I created a simple topic, but how do I create a subtopic? Since there seems to be a major bug in richfaces 4, we need to create subtopics in order to get the push function to work.


      Do I have to configure this at the same spot as the topics and queues inside the xml file? What are subtopics exactly?


      I created a "notify" topic where the server sends a message to the client how needs to refresh several parts of the page.

      I hope that I can control with the subtopic what part of the page needs to be rerendered like newUserLoggedIn@notify or newMessage@notify


      Do I have to create those subtopics in real, or do I create those subtopics programatcally?


      Many greetings,