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    Unable to Write more than 100 Requests on single Netty Channel



      I am new bee in using netty.

      I am implementing a async client using netty,where i can create thousands of virtual users and keep doing calls for each for a long duration

      in this process i created a channel for each user and every user listens to his own listner.

      the issue is when i try to do calls for each user,when exceeding 99 i am unable to raise any further requests.


      for every user i keep dping on this for ever:





      all i can see in the end is the CountOfRequestWritten can't exceed 99.


      creating multiple channels for a single user might lead to thousands of connections,which may be another overhead.


      did i miss any configration step where default is set to 100.???


      Any Help on this would be great!




      Manoj V