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    Fix repository.jboss.org/maven2/ - Older packages still use it


      Hi JBoss developers,


      We are much thankful for what you guys have given us. Today, we noticed a glitch in a JBoss repository, so thought to let you know.


      Have you all noticed that the release and snapshots repositories of jboss [1] is broken? I see that [2] is working properly, but since some older packages still point to there. This makes the the projects that use these to hang for a long time before blacklisting the repository.


      Fixing this is quite important because Apache Maven 3 hangs up there for several minutes which is a waste of time. We would really appreciate if you can look in to this issue and fix this.


      The easiest way to fix this is having a simple HTTP redirection from [1] to [2]. 


      I hope I'm sending this to the right place. If not, please inform me.