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    Call for translators

    Dan Allen Master

      We've drafted a set of (killer) tutorials for Arquillian, most notably the ever-essential Getting Started Guide. Currently, the tutorials are in English. We are now looking for translators to bring these tutorials to additional languages.


      If you are willing to translate, we want to know you.


      There are already translations underway of the Getting Started Guide into French, German, Portuguese and Polish (thanks Arqullian Nobles!). But there are plenty of other guides to be translated, so don't worry that we'll run out of words to translate before you can get to it!


      The guides are located in the arquillian.github.com github repository (develop branch):




      Here are the steps to do a translation:


      1. Clone the git repository

        git clone -b develop git://github.com/arquillian/arquillian.github.com.git
      2. Pick a guide to translate (anything other than getting_started.textile)
      3. Create a new file for your language, such as: get_started_faster_with_forge_de.textile (German)
      4. Translate! (please use UTF-8 encoding)

        Try to respect the syntax that is used for code blocks and callouts.

      5. Send the translation as a pull request or, if that scares you, you can just paste the content into this thread.


      The syntax used for the guides is called textile (hence the extension). Instructions for using textile, and for building the site to preview, can be found at the bottom of this page:




      If you have any questions, please ask! If you know people who would be able to translate other languages, feel free to invite them to join in.


      Update by Dan Allen: Fixed the git clone command to use the -b flag instead of the -r flag to refer to the branch.

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          hantsy bai Master

          Oh, jboss.org give up Docbook?

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            Dan Allen Master



            There are two parts to answering your question. The first addresses the reference documentation, the second the topic of this thread, user tutorials.


            Reference documentation


            JBoss is making a shift away from docbook for the purpose of editing the reference documentation. The new tool is Confluence, a web-based document editor. At JBoss, it's referred to as the Project Documentation Editor. For the time being, the Arquillian reference documentation is maintained in that catalog.


            However, our documentation team, PressGang, still works in Docbook. Confluence exports snapshots (such as when a software release is made) into Docbook. That output is feed into the PressGang editing and translation process. JBoss hasn't given up on Docbook entirely, but rather is experimenting with a frontend that enables web-based editing.


            User tutorials


            This thread pertains to the user tutorials that will be integrated into the project website. Arquillian is exploring a new approach by integrating the user tutorials directly into the project site. The reasoning is that user tutorials play a critical role in communicating the value of the project and therefore need to be the first resource that a visitor sees when they come to the site. They also need to integrate well with the site because how they look (style, use of whitespace, layout) strongly influences how effective they are. One size does not fit all in this case (hence a key reason why Confluence doesn't fit here).


            We decided to use textile for these tutorials for several reasons:


            • It minimizes the effort involved in writing because it's mostly plain text
            • It can be integrated tightly with the Arquillian website
            • It can be managed in git, so that we can easily track history
            • It can be automated when new releases go out using text replacement or scripting


            The fact that it can be managed in git and automated should not be underestimated. This opens up a lot of possibilities about how we can manage to keep the guides updated and the translations in sync. (We could also export to Docbook if the need arises)


            To wrap up:


            • Reference documentation is managed in Confluence and exported to Docbook
            • User tutorials are managed in the Arquillian website git repository, written in textile and (will be) published as part of the website


            I hope that clears things up. Yes, we are trying something new, but doing something new is what leads to progress


            Note that the website has not yet been published, so you won't find these user tutorials on the web (yet).

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              hantsy bai Master

              I am fimiliar with Docbook, and know markdown(maybe I forgot it now), but I did not use texile before.

              I can help to translate it into Chinese(Simpilfied), but I do not know the deadline of the work, and the Chinese New Year is coming soon.

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                Dan Allen Master

                We'd be thrilled to accept your contribution of a Simplified Chinese translation!


                Please feel free to contribute when it's most convenient for you. There's no strict deadline, per se. But, if you complete the Getting Started guide (the first one) by the end of the month--in time for the 1.0 release--we'd be super excited. We truly want to make this an international launch.


                If you've written in Markdown, Textile will be no trouble. It's very simple. This textile guide shows you everything you need to know: http://redcloth.org/textile/writing-paragraph-text/

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                  Takayuki Konishi Newbie

                  Hi, I'll tranlate documents into Japanese.


                  BTW, git command would be:


                  git clone -b develop git://github.com/arquillian/arquillian.github.com.git


                  The option isn't -r but -b.

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                    Dan Allen Master

                    Double thanks Takayuki! Welcome to the translation tiger team

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                      hantsy bai Master

                      I have translated the getting_started into Simplfied Chinese, I added _zh_cn in the name(getting_started_zh_cn.textile), in the GitHub.com, the characters in the web page are displayed incorrectly.


                      I have created a pull reuqest. you can cacel this request.


                      I will improve current work, and submit a final version in this week.

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                        Aslak Knutsen Master



                        As far as the file goes, I can see it show up correctly in the commit change log and when viewed in raw format, but in those cases github is returning it as "test/plain charset:gb18030".


                        I'm not too familiar with gb18030, but it doesn't seem to render correctly atleast when rendered as UTF-8. If you could change the charset from gb18030 to UTF-8 we might have more luck..



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                          Aslak Knutsen Master

                          On linux this seems to do the trix:


                          iconv --from-code=GB18030 --to-code=UTF-8 from.file > to.file

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                            hantsy bai Master

                            I will save as UTF-8 and submit later.

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                              Takayuki Konishi Newbie

                              I've tranlated a file[1] and try to follow it with forge latest nightly build, but commands and output text is something wrong :-(

                              I could not build arquillian-demo project.

                              What version of Forge is target?


                              [1] https://github.com/leathersole/arquillian.github.com/blob/get_started_faster_with_forge/guides/get_started_faster_with_forge_ja.textile

                              [2] forge-distribution-1.0.0-20120114.175844-183.zip

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                                Dan Allen Master

                                Thanks Hantsy and Takayuki!

                                Takayuki, let's target Forge 1.0.0.Beta5. I did report to Paul that the Arquillian plugin wasn't loading for me, so he's looking into it. Hopefully we'll know more soon.

                                • 13. Re: Call for translators
                                  Dan Allen Master

                                  I added a note to use UTF-8 encoding. That seems to make Ruby happy.

                                  • 14. Re: Call for translators
                                    hantsy bai Master

                                    I have tranlated two "getting started" and "get started faster with Forge", and added  a pull request.


                                    Please confirm it.

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