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    Problems in using JBPM5

    Estelle Guallar Newbie

      Hi forums


        I'm new in using the jbpm5, i want to fill a process throught out the factory :


              RuleFlowProcessFactory factory = RuleFlowProcessFactory.createProcess("org.jbpm.process");






                           .comment("c'est une tâche spécifique")


                           .onEntryAction("java", "script en entree")

                           .onExitAction("java", "script en sortie")

                           .inMapping("entry point", bpmTask.getDeclaredEntryStates().toString())

                           .outMapping("exit point", bpmTask.getDeclaredExitStates().toString())







      As you can see i use to fill this process through another file but i have problems that all the params are string but i want to use somthing else and not string how can i do it?

      Also for the task can we have under tasks means step 1 step 2 ... for the same task?

      And for the same human task can we add another task or we have only the possibility to add one task for the same human task?


      forgive me for  my bad english


      with best regards

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