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    Slidfast improvements


      I recently started working through the Mobile RichFaces  GSG, and I have some suggestions on how the usability can be improved.


      The main problem as I see it, is the two-page model: "home" and "component-page".  The way the approach in the GSG is structured, the application toggles between the "home" page and the "component-page", (both of which are div's in the DOM approach).  Imagine a simple application with the following workflow:

      1) A page listing the available actions (fits well with the "home" page)

      click on a menu item to bring you to

      2) A item listing page (ok, let's put this onto the "component-page"

      click on an item to get to an item details page

      3) where does this bring me?  I can change the dynamic include on the "component-page", but how do I get slidfast to animate the transition?


      As I understand it, this is way too strongly tied to the RichFaces showcase model, and will not be extensible to other applications.


      However, I think the solution isn't too difficult.  Let's allow for an unlimited number of page div's, and use the location hash to identify which div we want to make active.  Navigation then consists of manipulating the locationHash, and slidfast should then be able to take care of the transitions.


      What would it take to make this change?  Is it merely a change to the GSG?  I'm pretty sure slidfast could handle this as it is.


      Additionally, I'd like to see us make a new component to help abstrract some of this javascript (<rich:slidfast> anyone? ).  This would be gravy on top of the above fix, but something worth considering while we are at it.

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