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    Shrinkwrap Descriptor Metadata Plugin

    Ralf Battenfeld Apprentice

      Hi Folks


      I am making great progress regarding the Descriptor Metadata plugin. This maven plugin allows to create descriptors much simpler than before. The request is based in SHRINKDESC-92 asking for a tool that allows to generate descriptors separated from the descriptor build. Thanks to Jesper for the suggestions.


      The usage is fairly simple:





































      Here are some details:

      • Native supports of dtd files
      • Parsing of xsd's are rewritten from ground by using DOM stuff (no xslt)
      • Generating java code is still based on xslt but the plan is to replace this in the future as well. See CodeModel which is as well a fork from jaxb
      • Supports xsd's in a much higher level without enhancements. Example: orm.xsd is parsed without any issues. Cool:-)


      I have to continue this. Goal is to use this plugin for all descriptors we create. Stay tuned