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    qcow2 + libvirt problem

    Michael Kofler Newbie

      I have


      * machine 1: Fedora 16 with BoxGrinder 0.10


      * machine 2: CentOS 6.2, configured as KVM host with libvirt


      I want to create a VM with boxgrinder-build and transfer the machine to my KVM host. Delivery plugin: libvirt


      setting in /root/.boxgrinder/config:




           format: qcow2


           format: qcow2


           connection_uri: qemu+ssh://root@kvmhostname/system                

           image_delivery_uri: sftp://root@kvmhostname/var/lib/libvirt/images

           bus: virtio

           overwrite: true                            


      settings in centos.appl:


      name: centos6-bg

      summary: CentOS installation with BoxGrinder


        name: centos

        version: 6




            size: 4


        - @core


      build command:


      boxgrinder-build centos62.appl -d libvirt


      almost everything works fine, with one minor exception: In the xml file with the virtual machine description for libvirt (/etc/libvirt/qemu/centos62-xxx.xml), the disk image format is raw instead of qcow2:


      <domain type='qemu'>




          <disk type='file' device='disk'>

            <driver name='qemu' type='raw'/>


      I have to manually correct this before I can start the virtual machine.




      PS: on http://boxgrinder.org/tutorials/boxgrinder-build-plugins/#libvirt_Delivery_Plugin is a minor typo in the example of the 'bus' option:


      # Default: precalculated value, as described above.
      # Examples:
      virt_type: virtio
      virt_type: ide


      should be:


      # Default: precalculated value, as described above.
      # Examples:
      bus: virtio
      bus: ide