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    Change in behavior of ResultSetMetadata.getColumName() between teiid 7.3 and 7.6?

    Sanjeev Gour Novice

      When the following query is against teiid 7.3 and teiid 7.6, I see some change in behavior of the method ResultSetMetadata.getColumnName()-


      select  n as END_TIME  from (select now() as n) a


      This sample gives two different results against 7.3 and 7.6-


      ResultSet rs = st.executeQuery("select  n as END_TIME  from (select now() as n)

      ResultSetMetaData m = rs.getMetaData();

      System.out.println("Column Label "+m.getColumnLabel(1));

      System.out.println("Column Name "+m.getColumnName(1));


      on 7.3-


      Column Label END_TIME

      Column Name END_TIME


      and on 7.6-


      Column Label END_TIME

      Column Name n


      The Javadoc says this-


      getColumnLabel(int column) 

                 Gets the designated column's suggested title for use in printouts and displays.


      getColumnName(int column) 

                 Get the designated column's name.


      It looks like the behavior in 7.6 is correct, was this a bug in 7.3 and got fixed in 7.6?