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    Portlet structure customization


      Hi All,

      I have following requirements. Please throw some light so that I can do these tasks.


      1. Need to provide 'close','print','download' buttons in the portlet title bar.
      2. Providing drag and drop options to the portlets within the page.
      3. Need a portlet with two links as 'English' and 'Arabic'. On clicking that the entire portal language has to be changed accordingly. This has to be embedded as existing portlets(Home page portlet, Navigation portlet) on the top of the portal. I tried with the 'LanguageSwitchPortlet' by Martin weiler. But I am getting exception in that. Refer https://community.jboss.org/thread/178174.
      4. Need to add js and css files to portlet. With Java portlet, I am able to add using doHeaders() method. But with spring MVC, how to achieve this? How to specify images in css files.


      Any help is highly appreciated. Its very urgent.