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    Seam Remoting 3 & Observers


      I'd like to know whether it's possible to have Javascript & AJAX observers with Seam Remoting.

      So let me illustrate this with an example:

      • In the backend, something's changed and an asynchronous event is fired

      • An observer on a @Webremote method gets triggered and handles this change

      So in code:

      public class MyBean {
         public void foo() {
            //do something
      public class RemotingBean {
         public Object getResult() {
             Object result = //get the result
             return result;

      JS code:

      jQuery(document).ready(function() {
         Seam.Component.getInstance("remotingBean").getResult(function(result) {
              //show the result in your page

      Now the question is whether the JS code gets executed each time the event is fired.

      Is this possible ? -So you update something in the backend and the result is directly shown in the frontend without the need for polling, thus real event driven.