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    Seam JMS 3.0.0.CR1 Released

    John Ament Master

      Greetings all

      I am happy to announce the release of Seam JMS 3.0.0.CR1.  This release is targeted for Java EE app server clients running JMS on top of a CDI application.  This is the first production level release of the module (which is why it's the first time coming up on the forums) and represents over a years worth of development effort from several developers on the project. 


      What can you do with SEam JMS?

      1. Support for injection of JMS resources.  @Inject Session session or @Inject Connection conn will all work allow you access to JMS resources in a CDI application.

      2. Handling JMS messages as CDI events.  This is done several ways: Observer Method Interfaces or EventRouting objects. 

      3. Simpler APIs for MessageConsumer and MessageProducer, including more one line methods (see MessageManager) or builder pattern (see TopicBuilder or QueueBuilder).

      Take a look at the module homepage.  http://bit.ly/ihateseamjms