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    New project with Seam, does it have to be a suicide?

    Ziphyre Marco Newbie


      We're starting a new project, and I'm willing to implement it as a Seam project. These 2-3 weeks have been mostly a research time. Since I'm unfamiliar with Java EE, I tried to get used to different technologies like EJB, Hibernate and Web Services, the concept of a application server etc... It was not an easy period of time for me. The more I read, the more it seemed to me a suicide to enter the JAVA EE world as a lone developer having nobody to direct me to the right path. But the beauty of the architecture and the designs really facinated me.I think I'm being sentimental about Java, and the common sense tell me to go with PHP or .NET. But alas! The desicion has been made. But I got still some questions:

      1. The performance of www.seamframework.org seems to me a little bit slow, and I don't think it's my connections fault. Does it related to Seam and JBoss AS, or to the hardware or to the bandwidth?

      2. Are there any benchmark results or comparisons of sites running on Seam / JBoss AS and on other platforms (PHP, .NET)

      3. Are there any website out there running on seam? (except this one)

      4. On this new project, there will be a lot of AJAX communication and I wonder which technology should I choose? Richfaces or ICEFaces? For me, most import things are ease of use and integration and the amount of support which I can take from out there (Documentation, examples, tutorials, forums etc..)

      Thank you

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