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    Form generated by s:link action="{... and Search Robot Indexing (Google)

    Frederic Nauleau Newbie


      I have searched my answer in previous forums but, I didn't find my answer.

      I'am new to JBoss seam, and I have notice that when a link is done with an action execution :

      <s:link view="/myView.xhtml" action=#{gavinKing.iAmCodingSeam} />

      The generated output will be as a form; I understand that a form is needed to peform the action.

      BUT :
      What's about the search robot indexation ?

      I'am not sure that Google is submitting forms; and if it does, does it consider that the site is bad-thinked ?

      What the solution ? Hidden-link : How ?

      Another point about search robot (I hope that combining two topics in one is not prohibided):

      I used to URL-Rewrite all my URLs, is there a problem with Seam to do that ?

      For example in pages.xml I have :

      <page view-id="*">
            <param name="lang"  value="#{languageSelection.language.getIdentifier()}"/>

      My URL will be : http://www.example.com/home.seam?lang=en

      And with URL-Rewritting I will have:


      Is there some hazardous things that seam can perform with URL-Rewritting ?
      What about conversation ?