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    action in h:commandLink and a:commandLink is not invoked

    Alan Feng Novice

      I have the following lines of code in my view.xhtml file next to each other:

      <s:link view="/view.xhtml" value="Assign" action="#{ims.browseAction.ajaxShowAssignList()}">
            <h:commandLink action="#{ims.browseAction.ajaxShowAssignList()}">Assign</h:commandLink>

      ims.browseAction is a Stateless scope component. The action method ajaxShowAssignList() is invoked when the first link is clicked, while it is not for the second link. Same behavior for the a:commandLink from the RichFaces.

      There is no output from the h:messages and there is no error in the log file or console. I also tried it without surrounding <h:form> tag and it's the same.

      I have no idea why the method is not invoked. I don't know where to start to debug this problem since the code to handle invoking the action method is deeply embedded in the SEAM library.

      Please help, thanks.