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    Action method not invoked when button is rendered after being hidden

    Michal Belicek Newbie

      Hi, I have this strange problem. I have a <h:commandButton action="#{mybean.myaction}" rendered="#{mybean.render}" in mybean.xhtml.

      In the beginning the mybean.render = false so the button is hidden. Then I change the render value to true by clicking on second button <s:button action="#{mybean.setRenderToTrue}"/>.

      The commandButton is now rendered but when I click on it the method mybean.myaction is not ivoked.

      When I have mybean.render = true in the beginning the myaction method is invoked ok after click.

      Component mybean is stateful EJB3 in session scope with correct local interface etc.
      Seam 2.0.2.CR1.

      Why is the method not invoked. How to fix it. Am I missing something?