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    MDB attempting to raise an event - No Application Context active

    akearns Newbie

      The existing application sends JMS message to deliver both information and status.

      I have my application deployed with an MDB that catches these messages. I am trying to call Events.raiseEvent(key, event) thinking that this should work. It does not, I get an illegalStateException "no application context active"
      My question: how can I get a context that I can use?

      code follows:

      @MessageDriven(activationConfig = {
      public class ProAsyncMDB implements MessageListener
        @In(create = true)
        Context applicationContext;
        public void onMessage (Message message)
          String func = "ProAsyncMDB.onMessage()...";
          System.err.println(func + "starting");
          Object o = ((ObjectMessage )message).getObject();
          ProJmsVisualObject jmsVisual = (ProJmsVisualObject )o;

      I have tried using


      In the current state of the code the applicationContext is null. The exception is raised when I attempt to sent the event.

      My observer for the Event just logs a message if it sees one. That code is page scoped, where my mdb can be application scoped.

      Another restriction I have is no java script, I tried the chatroom example that works within my envionment.