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    Problem with pageflow redirections

    David Schauder Newbie

      I've been experiencing problems with the redirect functionality in a pageflow.  I have a method that kicks off the pageflow, orgSummary.

       @Begin(pageflow="orgSummary", flushMode=org.jboss.seam.annotations.FlushModeType.MANUAL)
          public String resumeRequest() {
              // test status etc, here
              return "orgSummaryReport" ;

      I use the start-state markup to start the pageflow; if I include



      in the pageflow, I get an infinite loop (in the browser, no errors in the log) when I start the first page in the pageflow.  The pageflow and all code work fine if I omit the redirect flag.  However, to get the proper URL's in the browser, I really need the redirect flag to be working properly.  I'm running this web application on Tomcat 6.0.  Below is a snippet from my pageflow.

              <transition name="orgSummaryReport" to="decideState">
          <decision name="decideState" expression="#{orgSummaryHelper.initOrgSummary}"> 
              <transition name="create" to="orgSummaryReport"/>
              <transition name="edit" to="orgSummaryReport"/>
          <page name="orgSummaryReport"
              <transition name="pending" to="userSave"/>
              <transition name="reports" to="userSave"/>
              <transition name="menuLink" to="selectSection"/>

      I suspect this is a bug in Seam, but was wondering if anybody else has encountered this on Tomcat (since this is a really simple pageflow).