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    Is Conversation context a subset of Session Context (kind of)?

    Edwin Jaufmann Newbie

      First, I think seam is great.  I've been using EJBs since 1.0 (yeah I'm old) and EJB 3.0 and plain old Java Beans plus Seam is HOT!  Now with the Portal Bridge you guys are hit the spot yet again.

      Now here's my question, I searched for a possible previous reply, so my big apologies if I missed it.

      I noticed that generated Conversation Ids were globally generated (every conversation got a the next increment in the counter, regardless of session within which the user was operating -- eg., user a and user b are both logged into a system, the user a starts a conversation gets id 2, user b starts a conversation its gets id 3, etc).

      Now I don't want to jump to conclusions, but are conversations really global in other words if user a has conversation 2 and user b has conversation 3 can user a get access to conversation 3 by knowing the id.  Yeah, I could test this, but any answer that saves me time of creating a test would be greatly appreciate if someone has the answer right off the top of their head.