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    Formating issue with <s:link> removing spaces

    Justin S. Newbie

      For some reason using the <s:link /> component in the following example is overwriting my spacing. So that the following code:

      <li>Add an <s:link view="/person.xhtml" value="Individual"/> or <s:link view="/group.xhtml" value="Group"/> constituent</li>

      renders as:

      Add anIndividual orGroup

      <li>Add an<a href="/proj/person.seam?cid=283" id="j_id31">Individual</a> or<a href="/proj/group.seam?cid=283" id="j_id33">Group</a></li>

      Notice that even though my code specifies spaces before <s:link /> when the JSF is transformed those spaces are gone.

      Has anyone else seen this problem? I've tried searching the bug database haven't found anything yet so any help would be appreciative.