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    How to build a RichTree or PanelMenu navigational sideBar?

    Francisco Jose Peredo Noguez Master


      The layout of  my pages is pretty similar to the layout of this seam site, the menu to navigate is, as in this case, in a left sidebar, but my menu is not PanelMenu, it is a RichTree.

      Now, everything is working fine, except for one detail, each time I click a node in the tree, and navigate to a page, the tree collapses (all pages share the tree thanks to the facelets templating mechanism).

      How can I keep the state of the RichTree so that it loads in the same state it was in the previous page?

      (I didn't use the PanelMenu because I couldn't find an example on how to bind it to my beans, it seems that PanelMenu has to be built statically, but in the RichFaces demo site seems to be doing what I want (remembering the clicked node).. if the right way to do this is using PanelMenu, please tell me how to bind it to my beans)



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