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    improvements to this forum

    System Administrator Expert

      I know Bauer is not going to appreciate some of these comments but here goes...

      1) already got some backing about the email notification, this needs to be fixed.

      2) it takes way too long to post xml and java code in these parsed text boxes.  at least provide users ability to upload xml and java files for the topics, this would save a lot of time.

      example: I just tried to post a snippet from a components.xml and it took my about 5 min's to figure out what stupid markers to use to get the damn parser to be happy.  that's stupid.  if you use monospace, it complains about the quotes.  if you use the ticks for code, you get some other error.  total disaster.

      3) can never read the entire parsing error message (it usually doesn't display it all).

      Any support on this (especially 1 and 2)???

      It's very frustrating and definitely the only forum I've used (Java-related or not) that's this difficult to post your thoughts and code and get simple email notifications reliably, not to mention the general slowness of the site...