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    facelets.DEVELOPMENT when used with jsfunit

    Tim Evers Master

      Hi all,

      Just wondering what I can do with this situation.

      If I have facelets.DEVELOPMENT set to true in my web.xml it makes it difficult to use jsfunit.

      What happens is this:

      If I go to a page and there is an EL expression that is invalid I would normally get a 500 response and thus my jsfunit test fails.

      But, when I have facelets.DEVELOPMENT enabled, the 500 response is never returned but wrapped up and returned in 200 response. This wouldn't be tooo bad except that the url does not change either. So..... does anyone know how I can determine if this is a real 200 response or a wrapped up version of the facelets debugger.

      As it stands even in a wrapped 500 response the component model is still there as well so....I can't even check that a component exists to determine the result.

      Thanks for any help.

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