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    why is the conversation long running

    Ivan B Novice


      I'm trying to understand why my conversation is shown as long-running, even though I didn't explicitly set it as such.

      Here is the extract from the form with action:

          <h:commandButton id="save"
                                       value="Save" action="#{propertyOfferHome.persist}"

      And here is the action bean.

      public class PropertyOfferHome extends EntityHome<PropertyOffer>
           public String persist() {
              getLog().debug("This conversation #0 is longRunning: #1", getConversation().getId(), getConversation().isLongRunning());
                return super.persist();

      As can be seen, there is no @Begin annotation on persist() method, however in the log I see

      This conversation 1 is longRunning: true

      How come the conversation became long-running and who promoted it?
      Would be grateful for any hints.