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    Free Issue tracking system in Seam 2.0 - JIRA-light

    Tomas Cerny Novice

      Hello all,

      I have decided to open-source my project called bugTrack.

      BugTrack is used for issue tracking and project management. For many years I wanted JIRA, but its prize is so high that I have decided to develop my own system. This system is already used in production and you may download it and use it for FREE!!!!

      Where can I get it?

      Where can I see some preview and features?

      You may use this project also as a reference project since I provide the source code for it.

      Here are some features:


      • Issue tracking (bug, suggestion, task ...)

      • Version tracking

      • Project management

      • Issue assignment (Author, Programmer, Tester)

      • 3 roles (Manager, Programmer, Visitor)

      • Powerful, simple and flexible search / filtration

      • Dashboard with all information about my tasks

      •   Priorities

      • Related issues

      •   Multiple views (Table, Grid, Detail)

      • Working set (select records and keep records on workspace)

      • Multiple tabs / Workspaces

      • Issue chat

      • Log per record

      • Issue attachments (Image, text, doc, xls, PDF, video, JING..)

      •   Email support (remind issue)

      •   Proper Issue life-cycle (Report, Dispatch, Discuss, Fix, Test, Close or Reopen)

      •   Reopening issues

      •   Multiple projects in the system

      •   Project module support

      • AJAX

      • Simple filtering, searching

      •   All you need for middle business

      •   Used in production

      •   Web GUI

      •   Open source and FREE!!!

      • If you like JIRA , this is your option JIRA-light

      Please let me know your feedback and enjoy,