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      We are in designing phase of our new JEE developement project. Our team has spent 2 months on Seam2.1.1 and we are extreamly happy with our descision for chosing JBoss5.0.0, MySQL5.1, Seam2.1.1(EJB3.0, Hibernate3.4.0, JSF2.0, Richface3.3.0).

      But now, there is news of the JSR299 based on Web beans which is going to be the core of next version of Seam-3(EJB3.1, JEE6). I have read the JSR-299 presentation by Gavin King. It's awsome !!!

      As our developemnt has not started yet and we can effort to wait for some more time, should we wait for Seam-3 to come in?

      Thanks in advance.