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    SelectOneListBox strange behavior

    Diego Y K Newbie


      I'm having a strange behavior in my page.

      I have a Entity that has a set as a parameter. Something like this.

      class User {
         Set<Car> cars;

      On my page the set of childrens are represented as a Select listbox

           <s:selectItems value="#{user.cars}"
                var="_car" label="#{_car.name}" itemValue="#{_child}"/>

      I input new cars on a input text box, click on Add button that triggers a action, and set a new car on the User object.

      When I click add, the select box auto updates and the added value appears on my select box.

      To remove a car I select the car on my select, call a action and removes it from the set on the User object. But in this call the select box doesn't updates.

      All my buttons are

      <a4j:commandLink action"#{myAction.addCar}">
      <a4j:commandLink action"#{myAction.removeCar}">

      Sometimes when I add a new car the same happens, the object is inserted on my collection but the object on-screen does not shows it.

      For testing purposes I created another commandLink but without a action, when I click the new link the select box updates and shows the newly added Car or removes the previously removed Car.

      I tried to put a a4j:outputPanel outside my select box and then put the outputPanel id as a reRender param on mine commandLink.