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    Ordered redelivery of messages

    mirco casoni Newbie

      I'm working on a new feature for hornet MQ.
      I hope this is the correct forum because me and my collegues starts the discussion in another one but it wasn't the correct place.


      I report my last post and the link to the old discussion about orderer redelivery.


      ==> Link


      ==> Last Post in the another forum
      Hi Tim,


      I'm a collegue of Egomet (my name is Mirco) and I'm working on the same task of Egomet.


      In the next weeks I will study how to patch JBoss/HornetQ to obtain the ordered redelivery using a special configuration to avoid multithreading problems.


      If you are interested to our solution I will send the patch (using the right procedure) for the commit.


      We found a solution using JBoss 4.0.2 but now we want to upgrade the AS so I would like to insert it in the head line of the sources.


      Thanks for your time.





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